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How in the world do I talk to girls?

Question by DooBoo: How in the world do I talk to girls?
I have absoluetly no idea how to talk to girls. I have no problem walking up to a girl and saying things that might make other people scared (like telling a girl she’s pretty) but i don’t even know what to say other than that I don’t know how to put words together to make her know that I like her. I try to be funny because that’s the only thing I know how to do and girls just see me as that weird funny guy not that guy they wanna date. Yeah like they say I can walk the walk but I can’t talk the talk. Also when I text I don’t know what to talk about just make up random stuff and then that just adds on to the weird thing. I just need help how to talk in general. And PLEASE no artificial answers put some thought into it.

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Answer by Nominated Y!A Fattys UNCLE
just walk up to her and say, hey remember me, i was outside your room last night watching you sleep while i was eating donuts… and thats why theres a white stain on the glass window… she will be delighted

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