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Q&A: A twenty-one year old needs embarrassing help texting a girl?

Question by John: A twenty-one year old needs embarrassing help texting a girl?
I have been out of the whole dating seen for just about four years. Mostly because I dated the same girl for three years starting in 2008. I worked at a job in my college and started to like this girl who was very, very shy. She was pretty much the only girl I’ve liked in about four years, so I relatively became obsessed with her (I’m not creepy). Basically, I don’t work at this job anymore and haven’t for about two weeks. I could tell she liked me in a way because sometimes I caught her staring at me and since she was really shy, she really started to open up to me towards the end. Anyway, this is where the problem starts. I have her phone number because I got it accidentally because I lost my phone one day. Since I haven’t worked there in two weeks and haven’t seen her in two weeks. I texted her and she texts back immediately, but doesn’t exactly ask me questions. She just kinda responds to what I have to say in the text and that’s about it. I haven’t texted her in six days and she has never texted me first. So, here’s the thing. I figured if she was in to me, she would ask me questions in texting and text me first every once in a while. You know? I have had plenty of girls in the past year text me first and I always immediately texted back because I wanted to be nice. I would never date these girls, but I would text back immediately to not hurt their feelings. So, (sorry this is so long, this has just been bothering me for a while) should I text her today? Or figure if you’re not going to text me you’re not worth my time. I would really like some input, because is she really this shy or is she really not that into me?

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Answer by ThatGirl
call her. do you know her interests?… seems to me she needs a good time….
it’s not rocket science bro.

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