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Q&A: I was texting this girl and then… help?

Question by TheOneTwo: I was texting this girl and then… help?
Alright, so I was texting this girl with quick responses, being 1 to 5 minutes between each. Then I was joking/teasing about something (not directly at her in a mean way) and then she was like I can’t believe this.. blah blah blah really think I would make this up?” so that was the last thing. Then I replied and received no acknowledgement of course.
Also, I had set up a date for a few days in advance. What the crap am I supposed to do? I don’t want to come off as needy or whatever that crap is called when you text them again and again with no replies. I have to keep in touch to make sure the date is still being planned on My point is I can’t mess this up or she’ll bail on me lol

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Answer by Baking
she wants the D

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