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Was this weird or good to text a girl after a first date?

Question by SCTrojan: Was this weird or good to text a girl after a first date?
I wasn’t totally sure how she felt after the first date but I really liked this girl who I took out last night. She has great values and is a strong Christian which I love. I sent her a text the day after/just right now that says:

“Hey, i had a great time last night and i think you are really special”

Was that a good thing to say or would you be weirded out?

Best answer:

Answer by hidden honesty.
aww that text is well sweet 🙂 i’d be chuffed

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Sweet Valentines Day Text Messages For A Girl You Like?

Question by George: Sweet Valentines Day Text Messages For A Girl You Like?
Looking for flirty and sweet valentines day texts for her.
There’s a girl I’ve liked for a while and I want to “make a move.”
How do you proceed? Do you know of any funny valentines text messages for a girl you like?


Best answer:

Answer by John
Hi George,
I’m going to share with you my go-to valentines day
text message for her.

Show her that you like her – it’s better than telling her
you like her. A good valentine’s day gift to a girl you
like would be the gift of spending time with you.

For example, send her something like:

“I need a cute girl to go on a valentine’s date with..
know any? 😉 ”

It’s playful, teases her, and suggests you like her –
and most importantly, you make it happen by setting up
a get-together.

Try it out, best of luck!

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Q&A: Should I text this girl I like every day?

Question by Drew Stegman: Should I text this girl I like every day?
So me and this girl have been texting for about a week, and I usually have to text her first, but she is definitely interested, because she always responds to my texts very quickly and she always sends me 🙂 and <3. We have pretty interesting conversations, but im afraid that if I text her to often that she will think I'm desperate? Should I text her everyday or not? Best answer:

Answer by The H-Bomb
Welllllll talking to her in real life is indefinitely better. Don’t text her if you don’t really have anything to say.

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Q&A: Should I text this girl now and what should I say if I dooooo?

Question by : Should I text this girl now and what should I say if I dooooo?
So this girl texted me first on monday (because i guess she must of felt bad for being a ***** to me on sunday) and we talked the whole night and had a great time. I know its small but when I said goodnight I said “goodnight!” and she said “night jake :)”. In past times she usually has just done the exclamation mark.

I know I’m over thinking that part but who knows..Basically we talked in person tuesday and I didn’t text her that day. But Wednesday, yesterday after we talked in person, I texted her first finally. We were flirting….a ton! We were probably back and forth for a good three hours. And then I had to go to swim practice, so i said i would text her when i got out. So three hours later I texted her again. She replied in like six minutes. Then I sent a fairly long message and she never texted me back. She hasn’t messaged me since. Is she playing games? What should I do from here? Should I wait for her to text me again or should I try texting her again soon?

And if you think I should text her today (since its now been a day and a half since she didn’t text me back…what should i say? Just hey whats up?
like dinosaurs—i agree with u….but school is over now hahaha

Best answer:

Answer by Dominic
It seems to me that you are the clingy type and she is a flirt. Best advice I can give you is leave this chick alone until she texts you. When/If she does, you will probably text her back in seconds right…lol… leave some time between texts because if you don’t… you look like a stalker/needy. If you don’t know by now, girls don’t like that grasshoppa.

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Girl didnt text back?

Question by Jay: Girl didnt text back?
I was sure we were having a good conversation but she never texted back. :/
what are some reasons girls dont text back? if she was interested, she would surely text back, right?

Best answer:

Answer by Trust me. I’m a Doctor
The number one reason that a girl won’t text back is because she is busy. Lol. That is the problem with texting. Call her tomorrow. Don’t text her again at all today (Even if she texts back) but call her tomorrow.

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girl text messages found in fiances phone?

Question by km5686: girl text messages found in fiances phone?
My fiance and I had trouble communicating these past couple of months. Seems all too ironic that our life issues both got the best of us and interfered with our relationship. I had begun to experience severe anxiety all the time. Worrying he was secretely doing something behind my back that I would not be happy about; in my world ignorance is NOT bliss – honesty is appreciated though. So I felt like I was having anxiety again and had a huge HUGE hunch that he was reaching out to someone via text message.I made the mistake and went through his phone and found out he was reaching out to someone named “Debbie” and I read through about 5-7 texts between them and it was very nonchalant referencing another girl named “Katie”. The text began my fiance saying to this “Debbie” girl asking her if she joined a gym, if she liked it and that he was thinking about joining soon too. Debbie responded saying “good. do it” and my fiance said “yes probably will” time goes by and my fiance says “give me a call and we will chat about your friend” and Debbie replies “yes, I will find out Katie’s work schedule for this week, I go back on Wednesday” and my fiance goes, “haha ok, I am seeing a girl right now but we are having some issues so who knows whats going to happen, so wouldn’t be wrong just to meet her” and the woman ends with “right.” My heart broke reading that. I then tried to confront my fiance and he got so angry and said “why are you going through my things again?!” I said I couldn’t help it because I had a feeling he was doing something and this only solidifies that?! He denied it and said Debbie was a friend he knew from work and he does not know who Katie is. That I took it the wrong way. Needless to say, we are no longer engaged. I called it off – I gave the ring back to him, I moved out and back in with my parents. We have done counseling and I have brought the text up and each time he denies it. Saying it was work related for a sale that he loves me and lives with me why would he ever think of meeting anyone else. Part of me believes this, but the anxiety stricken part of me worries what if I wasn’t good enough? I am a pretty 26 year old who has unfortunately had a rough past and a divorce already under my belt. I know what I deserve – I have continued to bring this text message issue up because I cannot let go. I am looking for an honest answer and I would respect that if he said “ya know, at the time you and I were having problems and I did think about meeting her friend, but I am sorry and it was very wrong of me and I won’t do it ever again” BUT I have not heard that!? He is really telling the truth? Or is he just believing his own lie and expecting I do the same. He has told me I need to forget about that text – it was nothing and I blew it out of proportion. BUT any normal loving girl wouldn’t forget about something like that…why can’t he understand this? Any idea???
Thing is – he has admitted he made some mistakes (nothing specific though). Said hes not good as communicating and he has somethings he needs to work on. He wants this to work out and part of me does too – but now my walls are up. Do you think I should give him the benefit of the doubt? I feel like I cannot emotionally move past this text message unless I hear what I feel is the truth.

Best answer:

Answer by Missy
Sounds like he has moved on and unwilling to make it work with you two if he is already setting dates with other women. Ditch this guy, he is isn’t interested in commitment apparently. Good thing you found out now, and not after you married him!

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Q&A: why don’t girls ever text me?

Question by : why don’t girls ever text me?
I get with girls like alll the time…i have a ton of friends that are girls…and im not a bad lookin kid…but girls never text me besides like my best girl friend. Why don’t they ever fuckin text me

Best answer:

Answer by Ryan B
cause your a psycho nut job probably

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Is it bad thing to text a girl first?

Question by chris: Is it bad thing to text a girl first?
I have been talking to this girl for over a month now. 3 dates, we spent new years with her and her family introduced me go her son all in a month. She cancelled a date on me once and we haven’t had a full conversion in a little over 3 days. Now is it always a bad thing to her first? She has text me first on two occasions but it’s been awhile since then. What do you guys think?

Best answer:

Answer by Harrison
Oooh bad sign bro. Technically when girls cancel plans and when they stop texting you, things are looking bleak in your relationship.
Look, the only real way to find out is to ask her, either by text or in person.
Good luck~

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Do guys like when girls text them first..?

Question by Sarah

Should I talk to a girl that text everyone?

Question by Will: Should I talk to a girl that text everyone?
this hot girl text everyone but as friends im talkin about like 20 something people a day should. I know I have a chance if I can talk to her on the phone. anybody got tips on how I can talk to her on the phone and if I should even try I make her laugh alot.. ps shes 6″3″ & im 6″9″ so I really like her

Best answer:

Answer by ?
You should start by saying “hi”

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