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Q&A: Why do some girls suck at texting?

Question by Damon: Why do some girls suck at texting?
Ok today this girl text me out of nowhere saying hey and I said hey how are you and all she said was i’m good. She didn’t even ask me how I was. Then she started to text one word text to me. So I just stop texting her. Why text someone if you not going to lead on the conversation?

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Answer by Cosmini
Sounds like she doesn’t want to talk to you

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I suck at texting girls?

Question by Jack: I suck at texting girls?
I like to think I’m pretty good with girls in person, I can start conversations and land numbers and stuff with girls, but everything always falls apart when I text them. I’d rather just call them or be direct and ask them on a date, but I feel like a lot of girls nowadays aren’t into that.

Anyways, any basic tips for texting girls? It’s starting to get frustrating and I could use the advice.

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Answer by SJV
Well don’t take forever to reply first of all.. that’s really annoying. Also use emojis.. that’s nice. And have a point to the conversation like don’t just ask whats up 7 times in a conversation.

Best of luck (:x
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Q&A: I suck at talking to girls :(?

Question by kellerdood: I suck at talking to girls :(?
HELP ME learn to talk to girls better, I have gotten a little better but i dont do very well with girls i dont know

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Answer by Nosmada
ok dude you got to develope some confidence. women love it . so what you need to do is practice, you have to talk to girls all the time. my suggestion is talk to the un popular girls, you know the girls who are in that same posistions as you. when you talk to them you will notice hopefully that you have more confidence than them, and this will build you up and give you confidence. but dont be a jerk about it, be nice and never put down a women.

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Q&A: How to keep a girl interested in text conversation I suck 10 points?

Question by chris: How to keep a girl interested in text conversation I suck 10 points?
She replied like 3 times and then she stopped girls always stop talking to me even if they like me I’ve lost a bit of my fun inside me I feel like somethings missing girls find me so boring to talk to. over text and don’t even give me a chance to get int a proper conversation even tho I sence it’s going no where help me!

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Answer by Danny Boy
Forget the f****** text !

Be yourself !
Converse IN-PERSON !!

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