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Need girls opinion on texting.?

Question by Cheif_Ghost: Need girls opinion on texting.?
a few days ago, i asked a girl to hang out and she gave me her number. Since then we have been texting almost every day. I usually send the first text for the day, and she always keeps the conversation going. Its been going like this for about 3 days straight.

We eventually made plans to hang out, but thats not for a few days.
I want to keep texting her, every day if I can. Is that a bad idea? Would it be wrong for me to send another text tomorrow, and the day after just so I can talk to her more?

I just dont want to smuther her to much, but I want her to understand that I want to keep talking.

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Answer by strawberieKisses£CaramelWishes
go for it!
texting is alot easier then talking for most people
and if you guys have a conversation going through texting why stop
if she keeps answering back go ahead
if the conversation starts to get dull
then leave it for the day
but i say go ahead texting is easy and fun

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GirlS Opinion!!! How to know if a girl would like to end or continue a text conversation?

Question by Nikeballer: GirlS Opinion!!! How to know if a girl would like to end or continue a text conversation?
Girls,how would you like know if you’d like to end a conversation during texting or continuing texting. like do you just ignore the text or what. There’d this girl i really like and her freinds all say that she likes me but i just dont know how to like text her. and of course if i cant text, you guessed it , i dont have a pair enough to ask her out either, so can you guys help me out plz!!

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Answer by Kayleen
i always text K or Ya. one word. if she texts more than one word just assume shes into you.

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