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Does this mean she is starting to lose interest in me?

Question by chris: Does this mean she is starting to lose interest in me?
I been talking to this girl for about a month. We have gone on 3 dates and after the 3rd one she invited me to come spend new years with her and her family. We text all the time but it seems like her text replies are getting shorter. I haven’t seen her since new year’s eve and I want to spend time her. I started a text conversation today and I ended it by saying “we should get together and hang out soon have a good night” and all she said was “ok have a goodnight” could she be losing interest? I am ready to tell her how I feel about her but its only been a month and I don’t want to scare her away. What do you guys think? Or should I tell her how I feel now rather than wait?

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Answer by Bobby
dont tell her how you feel, wait about a week or half a week and text her again. but this time actually have plans dont just say lets hangout. also dont man up and quit texting like a bitch

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