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Are guys really bad at texting girls or does he hate me?

Question by Ichigo: Are guys really bad at texting girls or does he hate me?
This guy is the one who came onto me and asked me out but now that we’ve been texting he replies with one word answers and sometimes won’t text back :/ what the hell is going on?? Im not the one who came onto him and he acts like he doesnt like talking to me 🙁 is it because guys arent that into texting like girls are or what is happening?

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Answer by A
Guys are into texting if they like the girl. Stop texting him altogether.

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GUYS: Texting Girls ? ; GIRLS: Texting Guys ?

Question by katt: GUYS: Texting Girls ? ; GIRLS: Texting Guys ?

When you guys respond with the shortest answer ever like “Oh” or “Ok” or “Yeah”, are you just not into the girl or are you bored with the conversation?

Also: If a guy dosen’t use a smily face, does it mean, that he is too lazy to make one, or what ?

In general, When you text a girl, What are some key things that you say that may possibley mean you like them?

Do you purposely wait forever to text back?



When you text a guy you like do you use “:)” ?
Do you wait a while to text back , or is it like a second ?

In general, What conversations do you guys have , like topics ?

Best answer:

Answer by Evan
If the guy isnt in to you he wont try to make conversation
but if he says one word sentences that could just mean hes busy, texting other people, or he might not really want to text..

When guys dont use smiley faces… well ha idk.. i just use them to say that im happy sad or whatever..

If a guy likes you he will probably complement you on things such as your hair, clothes,how u look.. anything

if he waits forever to text back he might be doing something he might not tell you about?? or he could like you.

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Do guys like when girls text them first..?

Question by Sarah

Why do girls like getting texts (and first texts) from guys…?

Question by ~Pr*nce~: Why do girls like getting texts (and first texts) from guys…?
Q.1 So why do you girls like getting texts from guys? And do you still like the attention I guess that you get even if it is from someone you are not really interested in?

Q.2 If a guy texts you, do you assume he like you? (if you don’t know him well)

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Answer by Fuzzy_rave_girl
sometimes, most girls don’t. girls like it when a guy texts them first because it shows that they are thinking about you

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Guys: Texting girls you like vs. girls who are just friends?

Question by Brianna: Guys: Texting girls you like vs. girls who are just friends?
Do you act differently when texting them? I have some guys who are strictly friends who respond to texts fairly quickly, within 5 minutes usually.
But then with the guy I like sometimes I don’t get a response for a few hours (but he always apologizes), and it usually takes him anywhere from 15-30 minutes to respond. Then occasionally I’ll get some responses within 10 minutes. And then our conversations usually drag on for half a day due to the long time between responses.. and I never get one worded answers, it’s a well thought out text. Do guys usually do this with girls they like or what? It keeps me on my toes when he doesn’t text back for a while..

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Handsome
Haha I used to do this to a girl(she’s my gf now)
Its because when she texts me, I don’t want to look desperate and reply immediately.
But sometimes I really can’t reply immediately because I’m doing something important.
But if she’s just my friend, I reply when I see it.

It’s like being fashionably late. 😀

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Why do guys do this when texting a girl?

Question by Andrea Martinez: Why do guys do this when texting a girl?
I understand that us girls may do this too but when guys do this I really don’t know why . So just 2 days ago I was texting this guy & during our conversation like out of nowhere he said ” Lol well goodnight” . We were like in the middle of talking about this topic. Then later when I was on facebook I saw that he was online. That’s what pissed me off so much ! That was like 30 mins. after he said goodnight. Then like 30 more minutes later he was still online -.- . This is actually not the first time he does that. Now I’m starting to have so many negative thoughts that’s why I didnt text him yesterday because what if he does the same thing again? Im not sure if I should text him today or not cause usually we text like almost everyday . Should i wait and see if he texts me first? Should I even be worrying about this? Why would he lie to me about going to sleep if he was probably texting other people still ? Did he not want to text me?

Best answer:

Answer by Rodion
LOL!! thats why we guys do this as well… Look at yourself, your thinking of this guy over and over again, you just cant get him off your mind. Think it the other way, if he had replyed constantly to the point when you just didn’t want to talk to him, you’d be like, i dont care for this dude. My advice for you is, RELAX, when ever you want to talk to this guy do so, and if you dont want, dont do so.. feel free for god sake. And plz for once in your life girls, try asking a guy out!

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Girls what do you like to text guys about?

Question by Ryan: Girls what do you like to text guys about?
I’m 15 and was wondering what things girls like to text about with guys. For instance, would it be ok if I just randomly said I like oranges and talked about oranges, or do you like personal stuff, or something else?

Also do you wait for the guy to text you first or do you text him first more often, especially with a guy you like? Thanks!

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Answer by Bayb33
You can text him first, or him text u it doesnt matter, and talk about anything that intrests you

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How do you guys text a girl..?

Question by Jonathan Idk: How do you guys text a girl..?
I know I sound like a loser for asking this, and maybe I am, but HOW do you guys text girls?!
I’ve gotten girl’s #’s before, but I never really knew how to text them. So they would text me for a little while, and afterwards they would just stop replying to messages, causing us to not text each other anymore.

Btw no girls talk to me at school, so I just get girl’s #’s from social media, or Chatroullete. :p The people at my school sucks..

I used to text this one girl from my school who moved to another city, and I had NO trouble texting her. She even told me that I’m interesting to talk to. But all of a sudden she just STOPPED replying to my messages?! And now we don’t even talk anymore. I doubt she was even THAT busy. My guessing is that she just thought I was boring.

Can you guys give me some examples on how you text girls? Thanks! I’m 18 btw.

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Answer by Lisa
Personally, it's hard for me to care to text someone that I don't really know. Texting only goes so far and eventually girls just lose interest.

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Do guys get annoyed when girls text them?

Question by SoDelicious: Do guys get annoyed when girls text them?
When you, the guy, say “hey” and the girl replies with nice, regular replies, and is texting like she actually cares, and you just reply with short, conversation ending txts. Why?
Why do guys do that..

I stop texting my boyfriend after a bit, because I’m worried that I’m annoying him, or something. He never says I am, but when he replies with things like “yeah” “fun :)” or “I know”, I feel overbearing or something. He replies with boring replies, and I have to keep the conversation alive, but then it gets hard to, so I stop texting him..

When you get a text from your girl randomly saying “I miss ya”, does that annoy you somehow? When a girl starts the conversation, how does that make you feel? Because the texts from the guy usually are boring..

Best answer:

Answer by Sam
The short, conversation ending txts isn’t just from guys.
Girls do it too, but normally they do it because they are hiding something.
If guys get annoyed, they don’t reply, simple.
Some will be honest and tell you if you’re being annoying.

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GUYS: How often do you send the first text to girls?

Question by Omifizzle: GUYS: How often do you send the first text to girls?
I have always wondered this. It would be a little weird to ask one of my friends. But how often do you do you send the first text. Im not a fan of texting and i rarely text people, the only time i do text is when someone texts me first. How often do you send the first text to a girl, or do girls send you the first text more often? (like give me a % of how often)
Its not a girl i am going out with, so wouldn’t it be weird saying whats up when she wakes up in the morning..?

Best answer:

Answer by Paul O’donnell
To answer your question: 90% of the time.

useless info?
Thats because I text a “good morning” and the occasional “good morning, beautiful!” to the girl I like haha and that usually starts a day long conversation. Its not hard to hold one, but I much prefer calling myself :/ unfortunately minutes are limited 🙁

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