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I freeze up with I talk to girls?

Question by T-Mac: I freeze up with I talk to girls?
I just dont know whats wrong with me, all I know is that whenever I see a hot girl and she talks to me, I dont respond because my mind is blank and my heart is racing. If a girl even says hey or whats up, I dont answer because im so nervous, if I do answer my voice is all weird and I feel like a jackass.

Some occasions I dont even have to be talking to the girl, like at school in the halls, a friend with a hot girl walks by, the guy says whats up, I say nothing because the girl is hot and im so nervous, I just continue walking, and I end up looking like a total jackass and feel weird after, what the hell is wrong with me.

Yeah, im in highschool.

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Answer by gharson
you probably just need to be around and talk to girls more often.

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