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How to talk to Girls – I am foreigner and was raised in religious school?

Question by Curtis: How to talk to Girls – I am foreigner and was raised in religious school?
Well this is kinda awkward for me posting first question over the internet

I am an international student studying in one of U.S.A Universities, there is that girl who is in nursing classes ( how I know? she wears scrubs and got biology books) while I am at IT classes – we see each other at the campus cafeteria – we don’t talk or even know each other on personal level (totally strangers) but she seems an interesting person whom catches my interest.

Here is my personal problem concerning talking to girls – I was in a religious school that separated boys from girls where each have his/her classes in different buildings starting from Primary School till High School.

I will admit that it had its good benefits for me making me better person of course in my life academically; however it had its harms and talking to girls is one of them.

The problem is not talking to a foreigner girl or language barrier it is talking to girls in general – I can speak English very well but I guess I lack the initiative to open talks with girls.

If that keeps on i fear my parents would plan for me the family marriage thing – i want to find my life partner.

Can anyone help me like tips on opening conversation to girls i would really appreciate it guys and ladies 😀

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Answer by amit
1st you attract the girl to yours then you can easily talk about anything

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