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Girl didnt text back?

Question by Jay: Girl didnt text back?
I was sure we were having a good conversation but she never texted back. :/
what are some reasons girls dont text back? if she was interested, she would surely text back, right?

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Answer by Trust me. I’m a Doctor
The number one reason that a girl won’t text back is because she is busy. Lol. That is the problem with texting. Call her tomorrow. Don’t text her again at all today (Even if she texts back) but call her tomorrow.

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Guys: Would you text a girl that you didn’t like?

Question by : Guys: Would you text a girl that you didn’t like?
If you didn’t like a girl, then you wouldn’t text her right??? Just wondering if It was different for guys because I am a girl and I text guys that I don’t like in that way at all…

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Answer by Kevin Schwa
most guys only text girls they wanna get with..sorry hun.

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