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How does texting a girl you are crushing on work?

Question by FSBB: How does texting a girl you are crushing on work?
We are both college students and met through work. There’s this girl I have a feeling she could actually like me. I got her number right before break and when we get back, I plan on inviting her to hang out and stuff.

Am I supposed to text her? Since being on break, I’ve texted her twice and while we had some conversation, they both just fizzled after 10 texts or so. It wasn’t like she cold-shouldered me, the conversations just fizzled but I got the impression that I was more of a burden I guess. Maybe I wasn’t, but still…, one went til 2 AM and I kinda ended it because I wanted to go to bed and she probably did too haha.

Also, I feel content-wise, I am doing well. It’s not like I’m starting off with “hey how are you.” I am typically good at making funny/flirty texts.

Is this normal? How does texting a girl work when you are crushing on her? Do you text often or what?
OK, some of you are not getting the fact that we are college students on break. We live somewhat far away… I can’t just invite her out or talk face to face. Texting is really my only option and calling typically does not happen these days.
And I like her……I’m not just trying to get into bed with her.

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Answer by Master Kobe and shabazz muhammad
That’s me right here, I suck at texting girls

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