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Should I call/text this girl?

Question by T.K: Should I call/text this girl?
Why do you think this girl doesn’t text me a much as she used to ? What should I do wait for her to initiate contact or should I ? or should I forget about her all together?

I have known this girl since November we used to work together and about 3 weeks ago she got a new job and quit so I don’t see her regularly anymore. She used to text me all the time like good morning and stuff, and she did it quite frequently like every other day and she would physically flirt with me at work and other people even noticed.

Anyways we went to dinner last Friday and it was very mild nothing happened I just walked her to her car after and that was it, she texted me after thanking me for dinner and blah blah blah.

But I haven’t heard from her since then, and I noticed when I did ask to dinner she didn’t text me as much anymore.

20 year old guy

Best answer:

Answer by Lara Croft
No don’t text her.

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