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How do you talk to girls at the beach?

Question by Daxter: How do you talk to girls at the beach?
im moving to california soon & im going to be at the beach alot & I wanted to know what’s the easiet way to talk to girls there,I find it easy talking to people outside but when it comes to girls im afraid that im going to creep them out due to the fact that im so tall, what’s a good pick up line to start a long lasting conversation.

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Answer by sstar123
Being tall isn’t really a turn off. Just be yourself, don’t force any conversation, be natural. Don’t try so hard, don’t go looking for girls to impress because then you’re probably going to wind up disappointed. Maybe talk to a couple girls and tell them you’re new to town and you just were wondering if they could show you around some places. Don’t put all the pressure on one girl though, ask her to bring her friends along too.

Or, if the ‘show me around’ thing is too creepy still, just ask them about where people your age hang out around here. Just say you’re interested in getting to know people out where you’re going to be living now so you want to get an idea of some of the better places to go. If she suggests some places to you say ‘thanks, maybe I’ll run into you there.”

I dont know, I’m no pro on picking up girls since I am one haha but good luck

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