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Q&A: How do I stop texting this girl and actually talk to her?

Question by BEW: How do I stop texting this girl and actually talk to her?
I like this girl but the problem is we text like 24/7 but we never say a word to each other in person. I really really really want to talk to her but I can never do it because I feel like I’m going to embarass her or myself. I’ve liked her for awhile but I just can’t talk to her 🙁

Any advice?

Best answer:

Answer by Nicole
It’s good that you guys are texting. I know girls/guys will not spend a lot of time texting someone if they had no interest in them. You two are texting frequently so that is already a good sign.

You have to think of it this way. You can have a relationship through your phone and stay strangers in person and you have to be okay with that. If you aren’t then you need to sum up all the courage you can to talk to her. If you don’t someone else will and you will loose your opportunity. She may even think that you aren’t interested considering you aren’t talking to her in person. If you like her a lot and have liked her for a while just forget about embarrassing yourself and take a risk.

If you don’t you’ll never know 🙂

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