The #1 Reason Guys Blow it With a Girl…
(and a Simple “Friend Zone” Test)

By Bobby Rio & Rob Judge
Co-creators of: The Scrambler

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  1. aaron

    holy sh*t… so true. Never thought about it that way, but the girls i got the most obsessed with were the ones that used to drive me crazy with hot and cold behavior. Like they were toying with me. And I knew it, but couldn’t help myself.

  2. rick d

    good stuff guys. definitely agree with what you’ve said. And had a big “aha” listening to you explain the process of falling in love. gonna test this stuff out

  3. jake

    SPOT ON!

  4. Ghostrider

    Haha! Yup, too available f**ked me over before I could f**k her all too often back in the day.
    But it taught me a valuable lesson. Women like a man with a purpose, with a passion. Now that I have SOOO much going on, I’m naturally too busy, with higher priorities, and don’t have to pretend!
    Cool shit dudes! Great advice. Learned soooo much from you both 🙂

  5. Fozzy

    goddamnit. if i had seen this f**king video like one and a half months earlier i would have been fine. UGHHHHHHHHH. but thanks for the awesome perspective. much love for the great advice.

  6. SF

    I am late 50s. Been around the block many times. Dated a lot of women. These two guys are right on target.

    It is sad though that these types of strategies are necessary to date successfully and that you have to play all these idiotic games with women.

  7. Karl Yegurvich

    Sadly this stuff is very true. Girls really love to play these mind games. A girl I really liked before used to not really pay me much mind when I used to try to text her a lot. So I got aggravated and lost intrest, and started to talk to her less and only see her whenever I had nothing to do at all during the day. This drove her nuts towards me and wants to get involved in almost everything I do now.

  8. Jenna

    I am a girl and I can conclude that this is entirely true. I never thought about it like that before but that is definitely what happens.

  9. Such Great advice. Wish I had known this secret a long long tiome ago. Thanks guys.

  10. I am 41 and I was never taught this. No wonder I have not found her.

  11. Jerome

    My mind is blown. I understand a lot more now. I liked playing my cards right. and was always the nice guy with my previous girl friends. Now i know why they didn’t stick around. I gave them to much of myself. Next time i’ll play my cards differently. Put her to the test.

  12. Jon

    OMG this is SO true. I didnt even realize this till now but this has been the case for all my relationships.

  13. greg

    great stuff.

  14. mike

    good stuff

  15. eddie

    this is good stuff

  16. Big D

    Good points for sure…and to take it to another level…(and maybe they mentioned this and i missed it)…the more confident and “attractive” the woman is the more conscientious you have to be of this…if she is the kind of girl that is ALWAYS getting a ton of attention you don’t want to get in with all the other guys who are all fighting for her attention…you just want to bait her up…then make her pursue you…just like they were saying…

  17. colin byrne

    Sounds great. Confirms a lot of what I’ve expected. Eager to learn more guys.

  18. Jay

    Cheers for the tips guys

  19. Simseth

    when a girls says Im not gonna hook up with you tonight, just smile and says something like wow get your mind out the gutter I just wanted to kiss you. Then use the kiss to transition so foreplay to get her in the mood for s*x.

  20. Dave

    “I’m not going to hook up with you/sleep with you tonight” has always been my favorite thing to hear on a date. I’ve heard that countless times and I’ve slept with every girl who’s ever said it to me.

  21. Brian

    When we push her away it creates an empty space between us and her that draws her toward us, like a magnet. The more you say no to a woman, the more she’ll want in. We pursue that which retreats from us, after all.

  22. Jose Cespedes

    I liked this girl in a bagel cafe…I told you the story, I saw her by the mall where I work, asked where have I been….I returned today, she was too busy or don’t want nothing to do with me anymore. I don’t want to appear needy to her block wall, I blocked her from my Facebook page. A girl at the mall which I broke the ice by getting her a water and the other day I stopped by briefly she was dialoging fresh with me, meaning a cool open ending, later when I was leaving she said goodbye and to have a nice night, I guess she is something worth having, though we don’t know each other, I’ll get to see her next week, she works the kiosk booth in the mall, in front of my work place…how cool is that!!!! I think she thinks I am a sales associate….that day I decided to clean the store’s mirrors, I noticed she wasn’t busy…I think she noticed without a doubt. She was being hit on too before that, she’s quite slim, but cute and friendly. I know how to proceed.

  23. Stan

    makes sense

  24. Terry Seaton

    I’m 64 and not looking, but the thing I noticed about this video is that the presenters are talking about girls and boys, not women and men. That is the problem after high school, some people remain girls and boys. My advice is grow up and stop playing games.

  25. John

    Good imfo,girls do this all the time to me, aahhhaa sense, now i know . I can have more fun with this..with girls.

  26. Jake


  27. Joni

    Stay cool, be confident, be prepared for anything, and go with the flow.

  28. danny

    ha……..pretty cool stuff! Been there and i have done this!