shy to talk wid girls?? help?

Question by some dude: shy to talk wid girls?? help?
hey am 15 nd i have like 5 really good friends nd like 5-6 other friends in school that u know r just friends. I only go out wid my 2 close friends who r popular. they both have girlfriends nd they r good wid talking to girls. Am not? except if they r like unpopular girls like i get really talkative nd start to talk and talk. but when my freinds introduce me to really hot girls i get all shy nd stuff. plus i have really low self esteem when i see other guys who r girl magnets plz help!!!!
thx to you guys that answered!=) yeah about my writing i like to write like this lol.

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k lol

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  1. confidence is key…compliment the girl anyway you can once you do that a few times it will get easier and girls love it…just dont be weird about the compliments b/c then you will make her insecure

  2. well, I’m sure your fine. just go up to them and strike up a conversation. If you’re shy i can guarantee that they will lose interest fast!

    btw. fix the grammar. very hard to read

  3. deep down every girl is the same. next time you’re talking to a “popular” or “hot” girl, imagine she is unpopular or not hot. the reason you have a hard time talking to these girls and an easier time talking to the less popular, less attractive girls is that deep down you know that you have superiority over the lesser girls and you feel inferior to the better girls. the girls really dont care about stuff like this, so imagine what i told you and you’ll come off to everyone (girls and guys alike) as the badas* who knows how to talk to girls, just like your friends

  4. Well if you can talk to girls I don’t see the problem. You just feel like you should act cool and smooth around the hot girls your friends think are popular. My only advice is be yourself. If they don’t like you they weren’t worth it anyway.

  5. talk to them, keep cool -theyre people too lol, dont be worried that your friends are “Girl magnets” and have more experience with girls with you, where do you think they started. just do what you thinks right, dont big yourself up, and just be yourself.

  6. tell yourself this everytime you see a hott girl
    ” Im hot, I have really good friends, and one other good trait about yourself”

    dont worry if you think the girl isnt your type or anything.
    just talk as if it were the “unpopular” girls.
    Honestly, girls really dont care if you’re so called not good lookin, just act confident. That usually seals the deal. Let your macho man out talk about teaching her some sports mves or something, break the touch barrier.

    Dont worry.(:
    good luck

  7. i had the same thing when i was 14
    but i met this girl, who was rather pretty, me and her talked all the time during school and people thought we were going out but we werent
    she eneded up introducing me to “the popular girls”, and i was nervous but i realized it was all in my head
    i mean, why should i be nervous?

    you should just continue talking to those girls, that always helps
    and its fun no?
    plus dont worry about those other girls or guys
    im pretty sure some of those girls your talkative with have taken a liking to you

  8. I was sooo shy back in the day. You just gotta break out man. Start small, start with someone simple that you know a little bit better, doesn’t matter if she’s cute or not. Learn how to flirt, and keep working on it, before you know it you’ll be able to talk to the hot ones. Be confident, it’s rare that a hot girl is going to think a shy guy in the corner is desirable. Try to flirt with girls wherever you go, seriously. The store, school, coffee shop it doesn’t matter if you’re with your buds, your parents or alone.
    It helps to get them talking, that takes the pressure off of you.
    Plus be HAPPY. It’s hard to flirt with girls if you’re mopey. Smile and try not to get shy when the cute girls come around.
    And don’t worry if you make a fool of yourself some of the time in front of the hotties. Trust me, you will have plenty chances to talk to hotties in your lifetime…start practicing now 🙂

  9. Hey Dude,
    All I can say is get in where you fit in. If you are comfortable talking to any girl then she is the one. You don’t have to have a girl that everybody knows cause everybody just may know her. It’s not about being popular. When you are with your friends and they are with a girl then you can be with a girl too. If you are shy, but you can talk to girls get aquainted with one of the so called unpopular girls and start from there. The girl that you think is unpoplar is probably very popular in her own way. I prefer to have an unpoplar person sometimes they think they are better than everyone else. You are too cool to have low self esteem. That may be the reason you think you can’t get a poplar girl. You have got to think like I’m the man and act like it. Girls don’t like wimps most of them like the bad boy type. You don’t have to be anyone, but yourself so be strong and go get the unpoplar girl and show the guys what you are made of.

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