Should I wait for her to text me?

Question by John: Should I wait for her to text me?
I have been meeting up with this girl and talking to her a lot…some times by text. When we do text I am always the one who starts the conversation…its never her. So at the moment, I am waiting to see if she texts me first. Good thing to do?

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Answer by sunny
guys should be the first one to contact a girl

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  1. why does it matter? i think if you play that game you’ll end up disappointed however you should def try it.

  2. here’s the thing,
    some girls ALWAYS want the guy to text first, its just how they act,

    so its rather hard to figure out if they just want you to text first or if they just don’t want to talk with you,

    if your conversation are good ones and she does not just text back “k” or “haha” then your fine, she just likes it when the guy texts first

    if your convos are dull and all she says is “k” or “lol” then she is most likely not that interested with you and stop texting her

  3. Bad thing to do!

    Text her first, that way she knows you’ve been thinking about her and that you WANT to talk To her, if you don’t, she wont start the conversation cause she will feel like she’s bothering you.

    That’s how a girls mind works, that if you want to talk to her, you will .
    Hope this helps, good luck:)
    Please chose me for best answer 🙂

  4. yes definitely! you should wait for her to text and than u’ll know if she’s interested in you equally. if she does not..than bad luck you have to impress her more but do text her (if she does not) after a few days ok?!

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