Should I text this girl?

Question by Austin Myers: Should I text this girl?
She’s a friend I text her a bunch and we have really good conversations but I just wonder If I annoy her, should I just not text her for awhile unless she texts me first?

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Answer by Harold
Well austin just balance it out .. You can txt her some days and ither days you should just wait for her to text you first you dont wanna come on to attached.. U knw and well when she doesnt txt yu entertain urself .. Draw .. Play a game .. Play outside dont stick yur self to the fone

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2 thoughts on “Should I text this girl?”

  1. I have no clue about the conversation, so I wouldn’t know if you were annoying.
    But here is the thing, Some girls aren’t the type to text a guy first, and you might think you’re annoying by doing this, but really she prefers it being you, other then her.
    Because most girls don’t want to seem clingy. So yeah, go for it.

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