Should I text this girl back?

Question by imSoSirius: Should I text this girl back?
Well, it’s been 5 days since I haven’t text her.

Basically, this girl I have talking to for about a week told me on Monday “her mom went through her entire phone.” Basically we flirt and had picture exchanges (no nudes), and considering that this girl’s mom is supposedly ‘strict’. She told me “her mom doesn’t trust her and also told me not to hit her up for a while.” Well to “give her mom clarity”.

Basically, I have been dealt with bull from other girls in the past that told me they have to do something and then never reply back. I felt that this girl was different from the other girls I formerly talked to. I’m not a player or anything, and she was interested into me ‘a lot’.

She is a sweet girl, has given me the time to text her and vice versa, but I don’t know what to do basically. Should I text her, wait for her to text me (which I doubt) or move on and forget her?

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Answer by John
If you have any doubts just talk to her in person or over facebook.

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  1. move on and forget her. that is your best choice. she’s either lying or telling the truth, and in both those cases does it really look like a good outcome to keep hanging out/talking with her? because she’s either a liar or her mom is crazy. You’ll find better OR she’ll text you saying everything is cool again. win/win situation ^.^ and besides you could always go back in a month or more and hit her up again if you dont have any luck with other girls.

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