Should i text this girl again? Where did I go wrong?

Question by : Should i text this girl again? Where did I go wrong?
Should i text this girl again?
So I worked with this girl for about a month. We got along fine and had some nice chats. She quit though before I could get her number so I contacted her on Facebook, exchanged numbers and we agreed to hang out.

We went to the movies (I paid), went bowling (I paid), went to a movie and got ice cream after and talked in her car. WHile we were in her car she asked when the last time I had a gf was. —(we ate ate the ice cream in her car. she wanted to go somehwere where we could sit and talk… maybe make out?)

3 days later she texted me saying she didn’t feel like I had any interest in her. I explained to her I did. We went to watch fireworks for July 4th and I asked her on a date to dinner. We went to dinner and had a good time. 3 days later we went to a movie, and I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said I think we should just be friends and see what happens.

The next day she texted me saying.. I have had fun with you but I don’t wanna hangout with you and please stop texting me.

now i dont know where i went wrong..i guess because i didnt make a move….

1)would it be stupid to text her back? its been a few months…. i wouldnt mind seeing her again
and also
2) where did i go wrong?
3)was she wanting me to make a move in her car? did she want to make out?

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Answer by mayella
you did nothing wrong, you were a perfect Gentleman, I wouldn’t text her again, as it is her loss.

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  1. 1) Yeah, it could be stupid. Try contacting her on Facebook.
    2) You did nothing wrong.
    3) I wouldn’t know since I was not there, but on a first date, or any date for that matter, you should at least try to kiss her.

  2. I wold let this one be. She totally led you on.
    Sometimes a girl just isn’t into you. And it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong or that you are ugly or that you are bad with women. Not everything in life is a lesson. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you hoped.
    I think you treated her very well on your dates and some girl is going to come along and totally fall head over heels for you. Good luck, homie!

  3. she could either be saying that to see if you respond in one of those romantic ways to see if you really care, or she heard something about you like stupid high school rumors (you talked to this girl but talked to that girl) or maybe she got feelings for a past ex? idk its a hard question

  4. sorry but she just wanted a good time and knew ytou would give it to her i would put money on the fact she may have someone else. find someone who will appreciate you i know id love to have a guy like u to treat me right

  5. It’s likely she was never interested in you. She got what she wanted and she ended it.

    No, don’t text her. She’s not worth your time or the prolonged heartache of it.

    If you’re feeling vindictive, leave her cell phone number somewhere with the message, “Text ‘sex in your car?’ for an easy hook-up.”
    It’s not very mature, but then we can’t always be grown-up about these things.

  6. Don’t text her back, it might jeopardise things.
    I think she did like you, but you asked her out and freaked and got nervous so said no (happens to me all the time)
    I think she might of acrptually want to make a move.

  7. I wouldve loved if a guy did all that for me! My point though, you did not do anything wrong, she probablly was looking for you to make a move but you were being respectful nothing wrong with that. I would not text her though if you do just leave it as a strictly friend thing. She may have been have mixed feelings or possibly came out of a relationship before she met you and just decided she was not ready to get into another one. I think your really sweet just by reading all of this, it is her loss and i think you should move on. If she wants to see you again let her contact you. Dont worry to much there are alot of people out there, dont worry about this girl to much because you dont want to miss out on some else 🙂

  8. Ok from reading this you guys have only had 4 dates that’s not enough for a relationship
    1:text back “oh ok sorry you felt that way :(”
    2:it’s all too soon you guys are doing stuff friends would do
    3:no she sees you as a friend but try to work on your relationship but don’t push her into doing stuff se doesn’t want to

  9. Ah confusing, if I’m honest then it doesn’t sound like the reason she sent you the last text was anything to do with you; it sounds as though an old love interest may have come back around, she was missing someone old or family issues. I’d say that you should try texting her again… don’t sound clingy or anything though, just send her a casual text saying something like ‘hey been a while, how are you?’ maybe ask something about work if you fancied. I’m going to say that you most probably should have made a move in her car, it could been just a little kiss goodbye or anything but it would have been best to do something but not much. Reading it again, you may have tried to have something too soon and that could have just thrown her off if she’s not the sort of girl who wants a boyfriend. But yes certainly do try texting her because there’s not really any reason not to, she could always just not reply but it’s better than not knowing.
    Go for it.. good luck 🙂

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