Should I text her or wait for her to text me?

Question by Christian: Should I text her or wait for her to text me?
Me and this girl started dating 2 days ago, and every time we have conversations via text, I’m always the one to start it off. I sent her a sweet good morning text this morning, and she never replied to it. So should I wait for her to text me, or should I just text her now?

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Answer by Jack
Wait she could of been busy

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  1. Instead of texting try calling her instead in the evening? You’ll be more comfortable with each other, and you can actually hear each others voice and tonailities! There’s nothing wrong with texting, but ring her instead 🙂

  2. Girls usually want the guy to text them first. It’s just how it is and they usually want them to start the conversation. Don’t freak out if she doesn’t text you back right away. Just wait and if she doesn’t text back in a couple of hours text her again.

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