Should I text a girl goodnight?

Question by Jason: Should I text a girl goodnight?
Should I text a girl goodnight even if she hasnt replied to my text? She texted me today and I texted back but she didnt reply. So should I still say goodnight? (I say it to her every night) or not?

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Answer by Brianna
Yes, definitely!

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6 thoughts on “Should I text a girl goodnight?”

  1. No. She may be busy or already asleep. You will come off looking needy and controlling. Wait until she sends you a text before you answer or text her back.

  2. I say yes only this time text it to her. But if you text her again tomorrow and she doesn’t respond she’s probably annoyed with you .

  3. Yes, definatly. She probably still haven’t seen the text or she was too lazy to text back.I don’t think a goodnight text will hurt.

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