Should I talk to a girl that text everyone?

Question by Will: Should I talk to a girl that text everyone?
this hot girl text everyone but as friends im talkin about like 20 something people a day should. I know I have a chance if I can talk to her on the phone. anybody got tips on how I can talk to her on the phone and if I should even try I make her laugh alot.. ps shes 6″3″ & im 6″9″ so I really like her

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You should start by saying “hi”

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2 thoughts on “Should I talk to a girl that text everyone?”

  1. Stop being a little bitch and call her and be straight up with her and tell her you like her. Trust me if she likes you too then you’ll have nothing to lose! Hope it works out for you<3

  2. Girls respond to texts that are emotional. Text her something funny, clever or witty so that you stand out from the crowd.

    For example: “I’m considering getting my dog a tramp
    stamp… do you know any good tattoo artists?”

    How could she not laugh at that? Hey, how are you, what’s up. That stuff doesn’t work on girls who are worth it. That’s because everyone else is texting them that.

    Be different and see how fast she’ll reply to you.

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