Should I be worried about my boyfriend texting other girls?

Question by snowflakeroxs1: Should I be worried about my boyfriend texting other girls?
He has a history of cheating but it was a long time ago…I don’t know if I should be worried about him cheating on me. If he’s texting other girls should I ask him about them or just drop the subject?

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Answer by AwesomeBeauty
Ask him about it. I text guys who have girlfriends, and we just talk because we are friends. There is nothing wrong with a guy and a girl being good friends.

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  1. I think since you said he has such a history, i think you should just CALMY ask maybe how those girls are doing? and see what he says

  2. this is cheating and don’t drop the subject without letting him know he is still up to his old ways again, and that’s it..if he doesn’t accept it for what it is, then just drop him, and go with a man that will treat you in a good way..k?

  3. Yes I would definitely ask. Try to keep your cool though, but do make it clear what is OK and what’s too much. Have an honest discussion.

  4. Whatever you do, do not look at his phone. Nothing good can come from it. You should trust him if your in a relationship with him, but if you really can’t then just have a word with him.. Otherwise it will prey on your mind. Ask him nicely who he’s texting, if its a girl then ask what they’re talking about. Don’t be whiney and suspicious.. Just be interested in his social life. If he’s open about it then nothing is going on.. But if he is closed off and embarrassed then you should speak more seriously with him about it. Try not to cause a fight though.. 🙂

  5. If he has a history of cheating it might be ba, but just ask him if u can see his phone at least one day and if he starts acting weird then be worried. Hopefully hes changed. But if u ever do get his phone and it has a bunch of “sexts” then dump him.

  6. If i were you guys hate to have there privacy violated such as texts if you are just honest and ask him but don’t be snoopy about it just be honest.

  7. if he have a history of cheating he probably still is, he probably is not ready for a serious relationship and since he not marry, he going to text girl so just drop the subject if you looking for a serious relationship he not ready yet

  8. I have that same issue.
    My man/ son daddy text his baby mama, the bit** he left for me.
    I went snooping in his phone, found out he beg her for money, and I feel if I don’t have it, don’t mean ask the next for it. It don’t be nothing sexist unless he deletes it. He also has female friends that he go out with.. I don’t like it, but it ain’t to much that can be said, he won’t stop talking to his friends for me. I need to, as well as you need to find you some male friends to talk and txt. Tell him they been around if you don’t he goin make it seem as if those females been around. although my man come home every night, and ringer stay on vibrate, even during the day, it don’t mean he ain’t cheating.. Don’t look for shi* take it from me, if he doing wrong by you, it will come out and when/if it do hope that any new relationship he get in be horrible, and all he think about is you. Lol

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