should a girl text a guy?

Question by PPPPaaa: should a girl text a guy?
its the early stages of dating.
do guys like that? or do they hate it because theres no chase?
should the girl NEVER text the guy first?
what if the girl texts the guy and he doesnt reply? then she texts him two days straight without his reply?

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Answer by Courtney
omg i just txt him

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3 thoughts on “should a girl text a guy?”

  1. When you say early stages do you mean your already dating? Or you are about to?
    Anyways I think that you guys should both text each other first whenever. Dont not text him because its against social code to. I wish some girls would text me first more but they still do! I dont hate it because it shows that she is thinking of me and that she wants to talk to me! Good Luck!

  2. should a guy text a girl?
    i mean of course! if he doesnt reply then you dont obviously text him again. There would be his chase. Try it once and if not then forget him.. show him you have a life aside from him. lol

  3. i personally love wen girls text me first. it shows they care and are thinking about me. You shouldnt ALWAYS be the one texting him tho. he should want to text you as well

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