Sending Funny Text Messages to Girls

You have gotten the girl with her phone number to an extent, but don’t remember that it is the ultimate goal. Sure, you would like a girlfriend that is cool, but remember to have fun along the way. If you can’t have fun in your search then what is the point? Life is too short to stress over every little thing you do in the process of getting a girl, so make sure you are always having fun, no matter what you are doing to get the girl.

For example, if you are texting, make sure to occasionally send funny texts or try and elicit some humor from her. If she can make you laugh in the process of trying to make her laugh, then it is even better. How do you do that? Send a funny text message and start the ball rolling.

1.  Funny and suggestive pictures.

  • With the advancements in technology and the phones that can do just about everything, sending a hilarious picture is easier to do than ever. The picture can be one sent to you from another friend, it could be one you took on your own or it could even be one you found on the web browser through your phone. Instead of starting out with an awkward hi or boring whatcha doing, start out with a bang by sending a funny picture. It could get laughs and conversation rolling right away. Laughing right away will get you connected faster than stilted texting will do!  Whenever you see something funny capture the picture. You don’t have to send it right away, but keep it in your gallery for future use so you are always prepared.

2. Jokes.

  • Most jokes are very short and easy to type in to your text area. And since they are short and don’t require much thought to understand, people will read them and get them with little or no problems. People won’t get bored with them or even ignore them when they come in. They can take a few seconds, give it attention and then laugh over it. They will also think of you all day because it make them chuckle.
  • Keep the jokes short and don’t repeat yourself. A funny joke you told last week will be stale this week. Keep new material on hand and don’t recycle jokes because you don’t want to be labeled as a lame joke teller who is boring and not creative enough to come up with your own jokes.

3.  ‘Made you look.’

  • For the girl who has a great sense of humor and is fun, she will get it. You wouldn’t want to have to explain it to someone who doesn’t understand the concept of your joke, even though you know it is juvenile to begin with. Explaining why something is fun to someone usually means they aren’t, so pay attention to who gets it and who replies to it!


4.  ‘Help, my apartment is being invaded by Smurfs. How do I kill them?’

  • Now, this type of message is good for a lot of reasons. You can see how she responds and gauge her personality with her sense of humor, her playfulness, her “funness” and willingness to play along. If she doesn’t know who the Smurfs are, then you might need to reconsider a future. If she lists several options for you, then it means she is willing to play along and is creative. Creative girls are creative in all ways, so remember that.
  • One ploy you can use is to send this message to several girls and see who comes up with the funniest reply. Compare replies or use replies to send to another girl and see if they can pick up the pace. By sending this type of message you are displaying that you are fun, creative and have an imagination too. But don’t only send this type of message out as you don’t want a reputation of being a jokester who is never serious. Play it cool and only send out this type of message once in a while when you are fishing for something to keep you entertained.

5.  ‘I saw an eagle fighting a shark today and thought of you.’

  • Now this message might get you a few questions, which lead to discussion. Someone might take you seriously and ask where. Some other girl might laugh and come back with an even funnier duel to see if you can top her. Yet another girl might not get it and not reply. You can send more replies based on their initial response and get their level of humor and creativeness with this message too.

There are lots of funny texts you can send a person once you have been in a relationship for a while. There are shared jokes, shared situations and even pictures that only the two of you might find funny. Use these to share and strengthen the bond building between you.

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