Secrets of Text Flirting

Since you want to start flirting with a girl and get a relationship going, let’s learn how. There is a wrong way and the right way to do it, so make sure you take good notes on the right way!

  • Ease in to the situation with laughter. Make her laugh or smile with a joke, a cute picture or some funny quip about your own day. Make yourself relatable and fun, no matter which method you choose to do. Laughter will get the ball rolling fast and ease you in to more meatier topics that can be discussed later on.
  • Texting is a casual way to let someone know you are interested without pressing your luck too much. A text is a casual way to keep in contact without being too needy,  like showing up on their doorstep. Emoticons are also a great way to show interest because they make the point for you. A smile will alert her to the fact you are smiling today too. Maybe she will interpret the smile as that she put it on your face.
  • Even if you suffer from a lack of confidence it doesn’t have to show through a text. You can be confident with your texting because you know what to say and how often. Be confident in your words and then it will start to carry through in your actions and how you hold yourself. And then the girl will only think of you as a confident person and be attracted to you. Be bold through a text because it can help you to be bold in person, for the next time when you will see her again.

But no matter how much fun you plan to have, make it balanced. You can’t always be the jokester, the class clown or the practical joker because it would show her you don’t have a serious side. Keep a balance between texts that are funny and cute but also ones that ask questions and try to get to know her. And if you have a problem asking questions sitting across from a dinner table, ask them through the text and get them out of the way first. Then it will make the face to face easier and you can be relaxed and how more fun in the meantime.

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