Romantic Text Messages

Sending a Girl Romantic Texts

Girls love spending their day imagining romance. Romance in the form of a date or a second date with the man of her dreams. You could be the man of her dreams if you wanted with a little bit of practice and finesse. Whether it is on shopping trips, going out or attending sporting events, you can easily be the man delivering that romance to her and making her happy.

Imagine you are in a relationship with a girl and everything seems to be smooth sailing. You have been connecting on various levels on your date and even been a little romantic towards her. But you might want to increase the romance or do it in a bigger way. Or a more sophisticated way. There is a way to make the texts you send to her appear romantic and thoughtful  and like you spent all day and night thinking of her. Because that is what you want her to think. What are these texts?

Sweet, Romantic, and Flirty Text Messages

 1.  I want to surprise you – let’s go out tonight.

  • Sending out texts is a great way to keep the interaction up. But you also need to be face to face, getting to know each other and interacting in real life situations. You need to appreciate the art of a fine date, be with another person and relish the togetherness of another body. Having another person’s hand to hold while you stroll in the park is a lot better than texting them through your phone while you watch the baseball game alone from your living room. Women like texts but the like a man to be decisive in the fact that they want to see them. And surprising here is even better. Her heart will go a pitter patter when you mention a surprise and a date. A surprise could include:

2.  Surprise! I bought two tickets to Ireland!

  • This would be a really big and really expensive surprise. But you can imagine the surprise and the emotion that would greet you with this revelation. And you can still be greeted in a great way with a surprise, so see to it that it is something she does NOT expect you to do or give her. A predictable surprise isn’t really a surprise at all. And a surprise doesn’t have to be a purchase, it could be some creative planning on your part. Take her to do something she really loves to do but rarely has the opportunity. A surprise doesn’t always have to be an expensive gift or jewelry, because then it becomes predictable and boring.


3. Do you realize how awesome/beautiful/whatever you really are?


  • Who doesn’t love a compliment? Women love them and you should know that if you have been around any type of female, whether it is your own mother or sister even. They will post them on their social media pages and tell each other things all of the time. They love receiving compliments more than anything in the world, so you should start practicing on how you dish them out. Compliments help create a female’s psyche – much more so than a man’s. A compliment will validate how a woman feels or how she thinks she looks. And you want her to feel attractive because then she is more fun and apt to do more things with you on your date that are fun and interesting. Compliments help her to feel romantic as long as they are genuine. Don’t give out fake ones all of them time just to say you did. Then they will fall flat and be worthless, like a predictable surprise. Be honest and sincere with your compliments so they get the ultimate in responses for you.

4.  There’s something outside just for you.

  •  This is another way to produce a surprise. It shows affection but also that you are dominant and willing to take the lead in the romance department with producing and creating surprises for her. It might even be claimed you are trying to sweep her off her feet with surprises, romance and gifts! That’s never a bad thing. Now, the surprise sitting outside doesn’t have to be big or expensive or elaborate either. It can be some small token that brightens her day. For instance, maybe she just rolled out of bed after a double shift at work and you prepared her breakfast on a tray. Maybe she got stuck in the mud yesterday and you took her car and had it cleaned while she slept in. Be thoughtful with your surprises more than you are generous with your wallet and they will mean a lot more. Good deeds will always be rewarded down the road, especially when you are sincere in handing them out.

5. Tell me how I can help your forget your bad day.

  • This text is full of promise and suggestion. It also shows you were listening to them and recognized they were having a horrible day at work or at home before you got there. This text can also escalate a relationship because you can be suggestive in ways to help get over the bad day. A massage certainly relieves tension, but it could also lead to a whole lot more. But don’t be pushy about it. Be cool and see exactly how bad her day was and if she would even be receptive to more after a massage.

6. Meet me at _____ tonight.

  • Being spontaneous is the way to attract someone too. When you can make plans on the fly and still be interesting then you will have her full attention all of the time because she doesn’t know what to expect. But she knows you are thinking of her because you want to meet her. Make sure you are meeting in a safe location though and not weird her out by where and when you want to meet!

7. I miss you.

  • This is one text message that doesn’t need much explanation. To the point and it will get them every time. You missed them during the day or night and want to be with them again.

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