Questions to ask a girl to keep the convo going?

Question by Ryan: Questions to ask a girl to keep the convo going?
I’m 15. When I’m texting this girl I like, we sometimes have those awkward moments of silence. What are good questions to keep convos going?

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Answer by AuntKatie
Ask her about school, sports, music, movies, books, hobbies, special interests, friends, family, pets, events that are happening around you or in your town. Ask her questions about herself. That way, she will be doing most of the talking, and also people usually like people who seem interested in hearing things about their lives.

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  1. im 13 turning 14 and that happens to me all the time (but when im texting a guy i like) lol
    -but ask her how was her day
    -how she feeling
    -if she ever wants to hang out
    -tell her that you like her..
    -tell her you like talking to her
    -ask her if she wants to play a game like truth,or 21 questions
    hope that helps :)) good luck

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