Q&A: Would you be upset if your boyfriend texts other girls?

Question by Renee Elisabeth: Would you be upset if your boyfriend texts other girls?
Mine does. And I’m the type of person to blow things way out proportion. I am a jealous person. I don’t want to tell him he can’t talk to other girls, and I can’t tell him how I know he texts other girls, just because one time I went through his messages. And he had an old message from the girl he use to like. That made me mad. But he doesn’t know I know. Should I just let it go? Or risk a fight and talk to him about it?

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Answer by Melinda Sue Fritz
no u shouldnt let it go

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  1. let it go
    unless they were obviously flirting
    like bigtime thn chill
    plus u tlk to other guys

  2. If you don’t trust him enough to not go through his phone you shouldn’t be with him. Plain and simple.

  3. As long as he isn’t dating/kissing/doing anything more than just being friends with them, he’s still exclusive. Why on earth would having a girlfriend mean you’re the only girl his age he can talk to?

  4. a guy can have female mates, but it’s when he arranges to meet up with them, just the two of them, thats a red flag! so be careful and keep a good eye on his actions and what he is doing.

  5. Ask him not to message any other girl. He would then ask you to f**k off so that the chapter ends happily. 🙂

  6. You shouldn’t go through his phone. That means you don’t trust him, and if trust isn’t in the relationship it’ll never work out. Was he flirting with the other girls? If so, yeah you should talk to him about it. Make sure he doesn’t know you went through his phone though. That wouldn’t turn out well.

  7. I would not. He’s allowed to be friends with whoever he wants. If he’s sending flirty messages, then that’s different, and not acceptable. Has he ever given you reason to doubt him? If he hasn’t, then you need to work on your trust and jealousy issues, because eventually, it’ll take its toll on the relationship.

    As for the girl he used to like.. well, that’s in the past. He’s with you now. Not her.

  8. It depends on how he texts the girls. if he’s flirting or messing around with them then you can get mad.
    my boyfriend texts other girls but he doesn’t have a problem with me seeing his msgs because he has nothing to hide.
    if he hides his phone from you and freaks out …. then you know he’s not someone you can trust :/
    hope i helped :]

  9. you should never hide feelings from a spouse. especially if you really love him. just tell him how you feel about it. and if you check through his phone and hes texting girls as if theyre just friends then thats fine. as long as he’s not flirting or teling them he likes them then thats not something to let go. and if he kept a message from another girl, that’s deffinitly not something to let go. talk to him about it and see how things go

  10. If he’s texting girls as friends, like you would other guys, I don’t really think it should be a problem. 
    However if he’s texting girls and flirting, asking them to hangout, etc. then I think you should say something to him.

    If you don’t want him to know that you went through his messages that day, then just playfully take his phone and text his one of his friends, then “accidentally” see a message from a girl. 

    I hope I could help (: 

  11. You shouldn’t have went though his text messages. It’s an invasion of privacy and it’s rude!

    My advice is to let it go. It’s not worth it to lose your relationship with him, is it? 🙂

    Good luck.

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