Q&A: why don’t girls ever text me?

Question by : why don’t girls ever text me?
I get with girls like alll the time…i have a ton of friends that are girls…and im not a bad lookin kid…but girls never text me besides like my best girl friend. Why don’t they ever fuckin text me

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Answer by Ryan B
cause your a psycho nut job probably

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: why don’t girls ever text me?”

  1. *whispers* you’re supposed to text them first!

    if you ‘get’ with girls all the time, why do you want them to text you.

    maybe they don’t text you cuz you act like a player.. that’s right. i went there.

    don’t be shallow, dude.


  2. my guess?
    you’re probably really boring to text.
    if all you do is reply with , lol, ya, o, and all that crap they get bored and don’t want to talk to you!
    or you’re ugly and you just don’t know it.
    but i’m going with the first one.
    just try to be more interesting
    OR text them!!!

  3. You’re supposed to text girls. Every magazine girls read screams at us “not to text boys first”. DUH!

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