Q&A: Why Doesn’t this girl text me?

Question by Cuscatleco: Why Doesn’t this girl text me?
I’m a 17 year old boy a senior in high school and I like this girl I have known her since sophomore year
anyways I like her I kind of always have but we have become really good freinds

I don’t know if she knows that I like her

I always text her but A couple of times I stopped texting her for like a week or even more sometimes to see if she would text me first

and after like a week or so she would send me a text saying are you made at me or something why don’t you text me anymore or during school she would be like why don’t you text me anymore

Usually I just don’t say anything and then text her like a while later

but my question is why doesn’t she ever text me first unless i stop talking to her
I know for a fact that she texts other guys first but not me why is this
I dont like starting the conversation because I feel like im annoying her or That im texting her to much and im coming off as like desperate to talk to her

I see at kids practically begging for a girls affection like for a hug and I dont wanna be like that

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Answer by Ayumu
Cus she likes you.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: Why Doesn’t this girl text me?”

  1. SMH…a girl likes it when a guy texts first… a guy likes it when a girl texts first. see? so u guys have been going in loops this whole time, who cares who texts first as soon as u get a text it’s alright

  2. It seems that she likes you. Maybe she texts those other guys first because she just look at them just as friends. But she feels something more with you, so she is more reluctant to text first. Personally I don’t like to text the boys first, idk why. I like it when a boy texts me first, it makes me feel like he has been thinking about me. I dont think you have anything serious to worry about. And I am sure she doesnt find it annoying when you text her first. I think its cute. But if you like her u should let her know, because it doesnt seem like she will be making the moves on you anytime soon. Good Luck!~

  3. She’s like every other girl. You play hard to get and she comes running. I don’t know why she doesn’t text you like those other dudes. Maybe she just likes them as friends. But it sounds to me like she misses you when you don’t text for a while. Keep doing what you’re doing and she’ll come around. Don’t let on that you’re in to her until the times right. Who knows why chicks are like this but they are. Good luck

  4. Actually, she doesn’t has BALANCE to text you. ;->

    Just kidding, friend.

    Being honest, I also experienced a similar sort of condition and the result I inferred if I impose on you then 1) she doesn’t like you or 2) she likes you that much that she expects you to ask for her first.

    Keep in mind that the first condition is stronger.

    I don’t agree with those who say that the girl likes to have texts first. Because if it’s true, then why she sends text to other guys first ???

  5. Ok here’s the thing, I know a guy exactly like u… He waits for me to text him but I don’t … here’s why : All girls just believe guys are supposed to make all the first moves. So when he dosent text me I also think he is mad at me or dosent like me because he isn’t ” making a move” so if you want to fix the problem just text her first. also, her being concerned if u are mad means she is kinda into u so ask her out if u like her!

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