Q&A: Why does this girl randomly not text back in the middle of a conversation?

Question by Adsfks Ajfkasdf: Why does this girl randomly not text back in the middle of a conversation?
Ok well ill be texting this girl and well be talking about something, like in the middle of a conversation, and she just wont say anything back. and its weird because shes always telling me im hot and im cute and stuff like that and she just randomly stops texting back? im 16 and girls are pretty confusing one way or another. and this girl normally texts back in seconds too. so what could be a reason she doesnt text back sometimes?

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Answer by Nerd Nerdiness
shes probably busy

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  1. Because she has a life? If you have something important to say, call her. You can’t expect someone to take texting as seriously as a real conversation.

  2. She doesn’t wanna look desperate, and wants you to be up for the chase. The more you know you dont have her, the more you’ll want her. So she’ll lead you on a little, and then turn the tables. And it apparently is working on you. See my point? Hope I helped(:

  3. she might have to stop texting
    her phone battery will die
    she might go over her texting limit hope this helps!
    worst case scenario: ASK HER!!!!!!

  4. Sometimes people stop texting to get the point across that they’re not really into you, but if she’s telling you she thinks you’re hot etc. that’s probably definitely not the case!!

    She may have thought she text you back when she didn’t, it’s easy to accidentally get out of messages and think that you have sent them

    Hope that helps!

  5. to tell you the truth, i dont that too…
    ill stop texting a guy in the middle of the conversation
    baaasically, because i have noo idea what to say and/or i dont wanna sound boring, or say something retarded 😛
    soo… i just dont text back :/
    buttt dont text her over and over if she doesnt text you back..
    i dont know so she probly doesnt know what to say to you
    ha hope it gave you an idea

  6. Well i know that when I’M texting someone, i’ll sometimes look at the text and set it down (like if i’m eating or putting dishes away or something) and I’ll plan what i’m about to type, but then I forget about my phone altogether.. Or sometimes i just forget to hit “send” and i get upset that the other person didn’t type back! Haha yeah.. I doubt she hates you or anything like that. Just silly things. Also, she might be nervous to text back, for example if you compliment or flirt with her, she might not have the perfect words to say (happened to me, I didn’t want to ruin the moment!) so it could be that, or also, she might possibly want to have something to approach you about the next day (“hey sorry i didn’t text you back, I was at dinner..”) so that there’s a reason to start a conversation.
    OR, one of the more probably reasons is that she’s seeing if you will text her back. Girls (me included) don’t like to feel that they’re annoying the person they’re talking to and we like to know that the person WANTS to talk to us..so we give them a little test to see if they’ll keep up the conversation:)

    how about you just call her!? you can hear her beautiful voice!!

  7. Maybe she thinks shes coming on too strong or she’s waiting for you to compliment her back
    maybe she’s mad that you don’t get that she likes you


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