Q&A: Why do some girls suck at texting?

Question by Damon: Why do some girls suck at texting?
Ok today this girl text me out of nowhere saying hey and I said hey how are you and all she said was i’m good. She didn’t even ask me how I was. Then she started to text one word text to me. So I just stop texting her. Why text someone if you not going to lead on the conversation?

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Answer by Cosmini
Sounds like she doesn’t want to talk to you

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  1. Right—good move on your part.

    Say something or don’t say anything at all—she knows now

  2. Boredom. Until she finds something better to do. Unfortunately, some girls are like that. Just try to keep the conversation going. If she’s not worth it, drop it. If she really wants to talk, she’ll put the effort in. Don’t think much of her texting you first. Obviously she wanted to talk to you at one point, which is a flattering though, but maybe something changed. Or maybe she simply got busy. Either way, it could be that some girls aren’t natural conversationalists. Could be 😛

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