Q&A: Why do girls take forever to text back?

Question by Crimson Knight: Why do girls take forever to text back?
It seems everytime I text a girl I am trying to get with she takes forever to respond to each text but when she texts back I can text back almost instantly. What are you girls doing? Trying to keep us guessing? Are you trying to lead us on and mess with our mind and makes us worry? You trying to make it seem like you are busy? I get that some girls are with a friend or at work but when I know they are at home because they say they are they take forever to respond.

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Answer by Hayley
Sometimes I like to keep a guy waiting, other times I have to think of what to say. Quite often I read the text and plan to reply after I do something really quick, and then I forget for a while.


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  1. If you’re this worked up about it, why not just stop texting girls? Just because we’re female doesn’t mean we can’t be very busy. And did you ever think that maybe it’s because you’re trying to “Get With” her? Girls know, dude.

  2. i do that sometimes its when i have my phone in my purse or on the charger or when im busy with someone else and cant text in front of him so id text back when he isnt around

  3. If she always takes forever in responding (key word: always), either she is:

    a)not interested
    b)playing games

    Choose your pick.

  4. It really depends. This girl might be playing hard-to-get or isn’t interested in you. Personally I reply to my texts quickly because I don’t want the person on the other side to think that I don’t care about talking to them. When I don’t reply quickly, it’s when I’m texting a really long and important message. Maybe you should ask her to hang out and if she says no, then she hasn’t been interested. If yes, then she could just be a really slow texter!

  5. why do guys take forever?
    i know I take forever because I’m not allowed to text at work, and when i’m home I leave my phone charging in my room so I don’t see it until I go to bed

  6. If I take a while to text back I’m either not interested and just trying to be polite by responding at all or trying to keep him guessing a little and not seem too interested.

  7. Because she is probably trying not to get all caught up to soon and she might be really interested. Just give her space and text her every couple of days. Don’t try to hold her accountable to you or you will not see her again. just make conversation; talk about something neat that happened or tell here about something she would be interested in; for example.

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