Q&A: Why do girls prefer texting rather than calling?

Question by happiness: Why do girls prefer texting rather than calling?
Ok so their is this girl that I like and text but every single time I call her she NEVER answers so I asked why she doesn’t want to talk on the phone and she just said she doesn’t like talking on the phone what does this mean and why does she like texting over talking on the phone. Thanks all answers accepted!!! 🙂

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Answer by iceman
Shy. Texting is easier for shy people.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do girls prefer texting rather than calling?”

  1. Sometimes girls find it easier to text what they want to say rather than telling you over the phone

  2. not really sure if it’s the same with everyone. But, as we know from psychology, girls tend to multi task a lot compared to men.
    -So, she’s probably doing something else while texting.
    -She might also feel that a call will end and stop. But, texting could go on and on. Especially, since you have a couple of minutes before you respond.
    -another reason is maybe the place where she’s at right now doesn’t provide enough privacy to talk. While no one can reads our texts.

  3. I’m a girl and I find it easier to talk about stuff through texting. I mostly am busy when I’m texting and when I talk on the phone, it seems like I run out of things to talk about.

    Oh, and I like talking on the phone too! 🙂

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