Q&A: Why cant i talk to girls i like?

Question by Lance: Why cant i talk to girls i like?
So here is a little about myself, im not showing off i just need you to see what i see, im 16 year old boy, i have a 4 pack almsot 6, i am kinda tall, i am on the football team as a wide reciever and i have good grades. girls are into me alot, and i used to use thta to my advantage to get them to make out and stuff, now i feel like a complete jerk because i cant believe i used to do that, i wanna try something real, a relationship with someone now. i am great at flirting with girls to get them into me, i am a virgin by the way, i have had the chance but i dont wanna loose it to someone not special, now dont tell my friends that shhh. anyways when it comes to the girl i like, i freeze up and i dont know what to say, how can i fix this? i know you will probably say just find somehting in common and talk about that, but that doesent last forever only a day or so, now my friends and all that have girlfriend tlak to them for hours on end and i cant believe it, i am not good at talking to girls i want a relationship with, any help?

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Answer by Hook
you lack confidence

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  1. Lol do what i do, as soon as a girl talks to you go with what they say, if you just go up to them and start talking it wont really matter what you say.
    you could talk about school, assignments due, footy stuff (footy meaning football… Australia FTW)
    hell today i just started talking to a girl about when she squirted me with her water bottle a few days ago, you know talk about trivial stuff, i mean i got a 30 minute conversation out of that and that was just being silly.

    What i have:
    I have good grades, im funny, i dont have a 6 pack, i rarely play sports, i have confidence when i talk to girls.
    I wont say that im attractive or anything, because all you really need is a AWESOME PERSONALITY and GREAT CONFIDENCE.

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