Q&A: who can I talk to Girls?

Question by New Yahoo Answers Stinks: who can I talk to Girls?
I am 18 and I still am very shy about talking to girls. I am so afarid of if they will like me or not and I fear rejection most. How Can I over come this fear.

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Answer by Mystikdancer
Have some caffiene so you’ll feel like doing things that you may think is stupid. Go up to a girl you want to talk to, ask for her IM and talk to her via Messaging. Ask her friends if she’s out of reach.

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  1. Think about this.. Can rejection be any worse than your fear of NOT talking to them? It is easier to talk to girls when you have friends around.. so start that way.. Go to social events where there is a lot of people and everyone is talking.. That way you won’t feel stupid and I really doubt anyone would reject you talking to them.. Once you are comfortable just talking to girls.. you can take the next step in to asking them out when the time is right..

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