Q&A: when is it weird to text girls?

Question by Anonymous: when is it weird to text girls?
I was just wondering when girls consider it creepy or weird for a guy to text them… A friend of mine said that girls think its creepy to text girls almost always unless youve seen them recently.

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Answer by Melody x
nooooooo us girls love it when we get random texts from guys 😀
Text whenever, in the morning so they wake up to a text, at night so they lie in bed texting you, whenever!
Don’t be shy:)
Answer mine?

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  1. I’m not a girl but I know different people regard different things as “creepy.” A girl you haven’t seen in forever might think it was perfectly normal if you send her a text saying “hey I haven’t talked to you in forever! How have you been?” while some other girl may regard it as creepy when you send a general conversation starter text when you just saw her yesterday.
    Normally when regarding people’s actions as “creepy” it usually depends on the person who is judging’s original opinion of the other person. If the girl sees you as a creepy guy for whatever reason, she probably will think you interacting with her at all is creepy.
    It all depends but I will tell you one thing: texting someone like “hey” at midnight is completely creepy and is one quick method to piss someone off at you.

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