Q&A: What’s a good excuse to text this girl?

Question by Bob: What’s a good excuse to text this girl?
Okay, so I’m a sophomore in high school. There’s this girl that I have a small crush on. I do not know her very well, but a lot of my friends are friends with her. I’ve had a few classes with her in the past and I’ve been to parties where she was. A close friend of mine, who happens to be friends with this girl, gave me her phone number and told me to text her. The only problem is, I don’t know what to text her about without creeping her out. What should my reasoning to text this girl be? I don’t know her very well (we’ve only spoken like twice) and I never see her during the school day, but some of our mutual friends say we’d be great together. How can I text her without seeming creepy? I don’t ever have any opportunities to talk to her in person, or I would. This needs to be done over text message. How can I text her without seeming like a creeper?

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Answer by justme
There is no way for you to text her without looking like a creeper. I hate to tell you that, but it’s true. You’re gonna have to ask your mutual friends to set up a get together where you can talk to her in person. If you just come right out and text her, she’s gonna be weirded out. Don’t rush it. Do it right.

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  1. there isn’t really a good way, but if you have a few classes with her then maybe you should just text her and ask her what the homework is or something. I really don’t have a better answer. sorry

  2. i agree with justme this is something you want to do in person! i can’t imagine why you guys haven’t hung out already if you have so many mutual friends.

  3. yeah there’s no good way of doing this i’d do what loud mouth said, start talking then say “hey what was the homework..” then “thanks so what are you doing?” perfect way to continue the conversation by texts…

  4. use alot of “lol” ‘s and “=p” ‘s

    may sound stupid to a guy but it works apparently.
    helped me to become friends with a girl who i ended up dating for almost a year.

  5. I agree with just me. You are going to have to get your friend to set something up. Or if you feel that you really want to text her now …then text her saying that her friend told you that she (your crush) asked her to tell you to text her. Did that makes sense? Act oblivious like “hey i was told by ***** that you needed to talk to me?

  6. uhmm, honestly if u text her, without her giving u her cell phone number,
    you ‘ll look like an ultamite creepoo!! So like in class or wherrever, be like hey
    im so and so, and ask her for her number then text her. I know its hard, when u dont sit next to the girl or see her often in the halls, but a little after class finishes, wait around, so u guys like leave at the same moment, and junk like that. Or in ur last scenario, be like (in the text) heey, this is ______ , I got ur number off ________. Hope u dont mind, anyways whats up?

    hope i helped! Best of luck!

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