Q&A: What to talk about with a girl you just started texting?

Question by Boston_Guy: What to talk about with a girl you just started texting?
I just started texting this girl. She was at a party I went to on Friday and I saw her on Facebook so I added her and messaged her and I got her number. But I honestly am such a bad texted like I have no idea what to say. I stopped texting her about an hour and a half ago. But I want to start texting her right now but I have no idea what to talk about. What can I say to start off a convo and keep it going?

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Answer by mascot259
Ask her about her… Show interest in what she likes and go from there…

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  1. You could suggest playing “questions” and just go back and forth asking each other things about yourselves. (ie favorite color, food, band, hobby, sport, subject, etc)

  2. Just say Hey, how was your day? (It’s nighttime here) then just talk about your interests and ask her about hers. Get to know her. Hope this helped c:

  3. Just say hey, and what’s up and all that. If she says something like “oh watching TV”, ask what show maybe. I dunno go from there.

  4. literally just be random and talked about anything and maybe tell her something not too personal and tell her not to tell anyone to see if you can trust her and maybe she’l telll your more to 🙂 just be random and fun dont take it serious and if she likes you she have fun texting you anyway 🙂

  5. ask her quesitons about herself, like what she likes to do, you can even invite her to another party if you know of one, ask her how she liked the party, what school she goes to etc… once you ask one quetion it will lead to a convorsation


    you “hey did you have fun the party the other night”

    her “yeah I did! but i got in so much trouble for being home after my curfue!”

    now you have so many options as to what you can say, you can be like “oh that totally sucks! are your parents really strict about that kind of stuff?” or you can be like “really? that sucks.. what time is your curfue” then she will tell you the time of hers, and you can then be like “wow thats early, mines ___” or you can be like, “thats not that bad compared to mine!”

    you see, the trick to texting is to start with one question and then use their answer to continue the conversation… and sometimes their answer leads to more quesitons and more answers and MORE CONVORSTATION!!!

    Did you see how in the example i gave there were so many ways you could keep the convo going, no matter what her answer is you can just work off that to keep texting…

    like if she says “no it wasnt that fun for me i didnt know many people there” then you have so many options as to what you can say… you could be like “you could have hung out with me!” or you could have said “ya i hate it when that happens! it can totally ruin a party” or “Oh really? who do yo uusally party with” etc etc

    so much convorsation can stem from on question… so pick a question that you enjoy talking about and feel like you will be able to keep a convo going with!! Good luck!!

    Also, could you please answer mine, i need some advice from a guy about wether or not i messed up texting this guy i like!! thanks so much!!! hope you get a good convo going!!


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