Q&A: What to girls like to hear in text messages?

Question by John: What to girls like to hear in text messages?
I have been texting this girl I like and hung out a couple times. What do girls like to hear in texts that isn’t annoying? I want to say something like “Hey how was your day?”. Any ideas?

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Answer by *homegurl*
yeah ask her how her day was and what she is doing

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  1. Ask her a more specific question like: What did you do this weekend? Have you seen Joe in the past couple of days? Are you going to play softball this summer?

  2. Hey beautiful, how was your day so far?
    If you want to say something nice, Beautiful is a wonderful word to use. Only use it once though, because it can get annoying.

  3. that’s a nice and simple way to approach her. 🙂
    just don’t ask too many questions, or she’d feel like you’re stalking her.

  4. Well as long as you aren’t being a stalker with your text messages I don’t think she will find you annoying. Being flirtatious is good once in a while. Say something like “Hello beautiful, how was your day?” If some guy said that to me, I would be pleased. But it is up to you with how you want to play it! =D best of luck

  5. I love it when I guy texts me saying “I saw (blank) and I thought of you”
    when guys just say hey or whats up i dont even respond because its boring. If you have any classes with her be like “so wasnt that interesting when…”

  6. There’s really no catch all answer for all girls, since different people like different things. Even something as simple as “How was your day?” annoys some people. Just try talking about things that they like, how they are/how their day went if that type of conversation doesn’t bug them, whatever.

  7. The same as boys – something nice that’s specifically about them, and that shows you care. A line from Yahoo! Answers isn’t what she wants to hear! Think about her, and her day, and make a comment that shows you’re thinking about her! *Romance* is always a custom job, always, when it’s done properly anyway! 😉

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