Q&A: What kind of text messages do girl like to hear?

Question by : What kind of text messages do girl like to hear?
What kind of text messages do girls like to hear from guys?

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Answer by Sworn By Life
They like to hear a lot of things some like to talk about mostly everything, those are the chatterboxes that can type away all day at a machine and probably burn it out. There are just so many things. They mostly talk about things they saw today, that was out fo the blue, or girlfriends they probably had to tell to step off because of something they did that they didn’t like. It cold be a lot of things. You just have to watch out for everything these days. Talk about anything that you can with them. It just doesn’t have no ending on what you can talk about with girls on the chat box. Just don’t mention anything stupid like having sex or trying to to get her in the bed. That turns some women off, I try not to do it at all and I see that the conversation can go a long way if you don’t end it with a sexual pun.

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  1. In the morning: Good morning

    You can just ask what they did that day.
    If you seen them that day you can text them later on and tell them they looked nice that day

    at night when you are about to go to sleep or when they tell you they are about to go to sleep tell them goodnight and have dreams of me =D

  2. ‘i miss u :)’ ‘wats up? :)’ stuff like that. I don’t like it when a guy seems uninterested in what I have to say, and just replies ‘k.’ It kind of hurts my feelings, lol. I like it when they add smiley faces–it makes it seem like they’re happy to hear from me. And when I say something funny, he should say ‘lol’ or ‘haha.’ Anything but ‘k.’ :]

  3. they don’t always wanna hear “u looked nice” that sometimes comes off as stalkerish. But we love to be listened to and if something bad happens to be sympathised with.

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