Q&A: What is my problem? cant talk to girls?

Question by johnjohntod: What is my problem? cant talk to girls?
im 17 and i have a huge problem with talking to girls. i just cant gain the courage to do it. i think that i can do it until i see a girl im attracted to and just cant do it. i want to be able to do this. please help me.
i can already talk to unattractive girls

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Answer by stocktrader1929
This might sounds evil, but start with the less desired girls and start talking to them. You might find out there’s more to girls than just a face.

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  1. try talkin’ to girls that you consider friends first then work your way up to girls you find “attractive”

  2. I used to have that problem too. You just have to gain confidence somehow, or have friends backing you. I got over it when a girl asked me out (well, it was more than one).

  3. if a pretty girl that you know has a myspace or something talk to her from myspace or any other thing you use
    and when you see them in real life you’ll be able to talk to them

  4. well your in luck cuz i have that problem with boys!! what i would do is think that it is the right thing and sometimes if you dont know what to talk about ask them how is life and what are doing this weekend and what do you think about your teachers!?

  5. Just be natural and be yourself. Don’t come on too strong and don’t come off like you’re not attracted to her. Make her and yourself feel comfortable. Don’t walk up to trying to spit game because that’s played out. A simple “Excuse Me Miss” will get the job done. Don’t talk about yourself too much unless she ask. Just focus on her and trying to get to know her better. You will be amazed by how well that works out for you. Good Luck!!!

  6. if you have guy friends who have girl friends, talk to them first. And as you stated, you can talk to unattractive girls, so just go slow from there. This probably sounds rude but go from the most unattractive girls and up the ladder slowly until you reach the most attractive ones to you. Good Luck. Remember, the sweet guys always get the girl.

  7. Eventually you will overcome this or it will become milder as you get older but you will lose out , if you can get/afford) medical help (psychologist). I was in the same boat when i was younger and would sweat profusely and almost stutter. It took years to overcome this and even now (Mid 40’s , married 3 children) i still dont feel comfortable. Maybe i should have went for help….God bless you and i hope you will be able to relax a little more when your near a cutie !

  8. talk to them about something you know, if necessary find out through one of her friend what she likes to talk about and then look in to finding out things about that but don’t do something like pretend you like it when you don’t or preted you do it like play a sport she likes.It’s also easier to to talk alone.Make sure to talk to her atleast twice a day no more then four times. the thing that works for me is making fun of the girl in a playful way like i like making fun of their height if their short or if their to nice or something like that but be playful about it give her a little nickname to call her and call her it all the time and when your serious call her by her name so it will make it seem important.

  9. Ok first of all there is no reason you should be scared to talk to any girl…. i had a guy that liked me, and he didn’t want to talk to me either but he finally got the courage and he came up and told me that i looked good that day.
    Not all girls are major bitches, just a handful in this world. Don’t be afraid, it will be ok, and just think maybe the girls that you are attracted to maybe attracted to you and have the same problem….???
    So comment on something they are wearing or tell them that they looked beautiful today, a girl always likes to hear that she is looking nice.
    Ask them about there weekend or start the conversation out with a “do i know you? you look familar… Hi my name is_________….. and go from there, you’ll get the hang of it you just needed a push to get you off your feet.. so go talk to that girl and be confident….

    Hope this helped!

  10. This makes me think of older people at reunions and stuff, they always trade stories about how they learned to swim (how is that interesting?). For instance, my dad was thrown into a pool, and told to swim. You should approach talking to girls that way. JUST DO IT!! If you don’t just do it, and always think about it, YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GATHER ENOUGH COURAGE. So…sink or swim? Good luck 🙂

  11. I have the same problem and im 16… sucks but im getting there i am the same with the unattractive girls i could talk to them but not the hot ones… thats because we are afraid of being rejected… and humiliated and lack of self-esteem! what you need to do is stop the thinking thats what holding you back just say HI sounds really stupid but it ok when she say hi back just say something about school and work it from there what i meen by that is just keep talking then switch the subject to some old days type stuff then just say you got to go and you will talk to her tomorrow. simple said than done but you just talked to a hot girl for maybe 2-5 minutes right. then do that the next day but this time ask her if she got a myspace or a number so you could talk.

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