Q&A: What does it mean when a girl texts short messages?

Question by A: What does it mean when a girl texts short messages?
i was texting a girl and she just says stuff like, “yes i am”, “i think so”, “going to school”, etc.
But she did throw in a few lol’s and hahas in there.
What does this mean? like me? neutral? doesnt like me?

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Answer by Cheerio
Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to you..
or it could mean, she wants you to say something interesting..
Or she has nothing to say.

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  1. You’re reading too much into it. Not everyone communicates using long, well-thought out answers when they text. Let’s put it this way:

    If she keeps replying to you when you text her, she doesn’t find you so annoying that she wants to stop replying to you – which isn’t necessarily saying a lot for your side of things. Texting and IM are horrible ways of communicating in my opinion.

    If she texts you “What?”

    That can be interpreted either as: 1) An angry WTF or 2) a genuinely confused “What?”

    So, see how you can misinterpret things easily? Speak to her in person instead.

  2. First thing you need to ask yourself is have you said, done, or insinuated anything at all that she could take badly? Even if you didn’t mean it in a bad way, girls will most often jump to the worst possible meaning.

    “lol”‘s and “haha”‘s don’t mean anything! They’re placeholders, she’s probably either:
    A) Busy
    B) Ticked off
    C) Bored with the conversation

    Ask her “are you okay?” or something of the like, and if she say’s “I’m fine” or something of the like you have to know that is a LIE. Respond with something along the lines of “I know you well enough to know when somethings not right” It will make her feel cared about and special, plus she’ll open up to you, and probably start talking to you more 🙂

  3. it could mean she doesn’t want to talk to you so shes just keeping it short or it could just be that shes not a big texter. Some girls just don’t like to text Alot. You should think more about how she talks to you in person. If she keeps it short then she doesn’t like you or shes just extremely shy but if she talks a lot and smiles and stuff then she probably likes you

  4. she is bored.

    Try this:

    Let her text you first
    Talk about more interesting stuff instead of (whats up? or how are you?) say funny stuff.

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