Q&A: What does it mean if a girl doesnt text first?

Question by Josh Josh: What does it mean if a girl doesnt text first?
basically i gave this girl my number some months ago and four days ago i saw her. Then she said she texted me and made alot of convo. But then the next day i had to text her first cz i like her but i dont know if she likes me :S. Should i wait a day for her to text me first or are we supposed to text first? Is she too scared to text me? and i wanna meet up with her sometime so im gonna ask her in like a week, should i? Thx for the answers 🙂

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Answer by Caolan C
Girls will almost never do anything first.

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  1. well she might think its a bad time to txt u or shes doing somthin like txtin her bff u should txt first bcuz also us girls like the boy to make the first move thats why girls dont really ask guys out just txt her first and ull pry hav a greeat convo

  2. girls always love it when the guy texts first. if you really like her, text her first. if she’s not interested in you like that, she’ll find another way to tell you, but you shouldn’t be waiting for her to text you to find out if she likes you. she could like you a ton, and still not text you first, because she’s waiting for you to text her. so you should definitely do it.

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