Q&A: What do you say when you text girls?

Question by swagmaster: What do you say when you text girls?
What do you talk about? LIke if maybe your flirting with her or just texting her. Cause i see girls in my class always texting on their phones. And even some boys. What would they be saying and if you also do it what do you say.

Basically, what are texting when you text a girl and how do you text one?
i just want to know what everyone else is saying.

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Answer by Seth
Your name is gay

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What do you say when you text girls?”

  1. God… Anything, whos cuter, what class your in, what youre doing in the class, talking about what the weird kid sitting next to you is doing/saying. Anything, what youre asking is like asking what people do every day, its different everyday for everyone.

  2. I only evar texted one girl I got her numbar from some other kid, an I would text her an tell her when I was takin a pee or when I was naked to shower or change clothes. I was hopin she would text back an say “show me you’re peckar Franklin” an then I would send it to her an then I could jake off!

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