Q&A: What do you say when a girl says poop?

Question by The Chosen One: What do you say when a girl says poop?
Sometimes when I text a girl she randomly says poop. Why is that? Also what should I say back?

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Answer by Brit ♥
Ahha i have no idea.. Ask her sometimee..

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: What do you say when a girl says poop?”

  1. It’s because she’s immature or just trying to convey the message, “Ah, damnit.” So the second one depends on what you’ve already said… and if you mean that she says it randomly, then she needs to grow up and stop being nasty.

  2. hmmm perhaps a nice way to say “bull*hit” or just messing with your head.

    You can reply by asking why? or, as them 2 wet and 1 dry – but then they won’t understand you and if you want to know what that means ask your dad or anyone who’s been in the military esp. in combat! LOL

    Seriously, I would not worry about what she means – it’s just sound like something childish and if someone thinks 1 word could upset you then they might just use it to UPSET you!

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