Q&A: What do guys normally text girls they like?

Question by Abby<3: What do guys normally text girls they like?
One day they can be nice, super mean the next. What does that mean? And whats some stuff guys would say to girls they’ve known for a while or just met that there interested in? Also, how do you know if there being just friendly about it?

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Answer by Rob
Part of the problem with texting is that it is hard to understand the context of what they are saying since emotion is often lost in plain text. What you interpret to be “super mean” might be his way of just poking in a playful way. In my opinion, texting can make things complicated in a hurry. Try talking on the phone for a change, or in person. Different guys will say different things to girls they like, texting or no texting. Your question will undoubtedly drum up some half hearted answers from some half brained nitwits. The best advice i could give you is to not over think anything a guy says to you. We are not girls and do not send subtle hints and hidden messages; we are crass, rude, and barbaric creatures to do business at face value.

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